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 Truck Safes by Console Vault

Console Vault truck safes fit into the centre console of your truck or SUV, allowing you to keep you valuables safe and secure.


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Truck Safe

All Console Vault products are manufactured with your security in mind. All SUV and Truck safes are made from a 12 gauge cold rolled steel. The vault allows is installed using your current vehicles center console, but still allows for the console lid to open and close. Perfect for safely and securely transporting handguns, securing your wallet, I pod, GPS, jewelry or other personal valuables, while traveling.  The 3 point locking system, lock cam, and a high security barrel lock, console vault is sure to protect against prying, and entry if the lock is drilled. You need need to be able keep valuables safe and secure in your vehicle today. With the crime rate rising and vehicle break ins' escalating, a vehicle safe from Console Vault can bring you peace of mind. You will have taken a positive step forward in protecting your property.

Diversion safes have been traditionally limited to home use but this new need for hidden or secret compartments was the primary reason for the Console Vault development. We are, after all, more mobile today than ever and we carry our personal valuables with us. A hidden gun safe in a truck is a logical necessity that most individuals can use. With a secret safe installed, you have a compartment to hide and secure jewelry and credit cards, as well as a handgun or pistol.

How does one go about describing or searching for this kind of product. Unlike a laptop mount, car covers, underseat truck storage, power inverters or a truck rack, there is no simple universal words of description. We have gotten used to calling it a console vault, where others tend to use the phrase truck safe, auto safe or vehicle safe. Still others say console safe or vehicle gun safe. Just to make life interesting some use the word handgun, so handgun safe, handgun vault or hand gun safe and hand gun vault, create a whole new set of ways to refer to this product. Whatever you decide to call it, just be assured that the brand name Console Vault is the industry leader, providing a field proven, quality product, with a money back guarantee. Field proven for years in trucks and SUVs' - Engineered tough and built to last - Get your Console Vault today - it's Guaranteed! carries an extensive line of truck safes, vaults and secured storage for popular makes and models of full size trucks and SUVs'. Increase personal protection with a console safe, truck gun safe, handgun vehicle safe or consolevault. Many of us have hand guns or pistols that we take with us, What better way to secure this valuable than with a vehicle handgun safe for your truck or SUV. With a Console Vault, no more worries about what to do with your wallet or registration, jewelry or other valuables, when you make a stop - Console Vault can put your mind at ease. Most people say protection of their personal property is crucial, so why trust having your valuables unsecured in your vehicle? There are many pretenders but only one Console Vault!

Many law enforcement officers use the Console Vault hand gun safe and gun vault as a trusted means of weapon transportation, as well as a way to responsibly secure and store their weapon.

The Console Vault is an essential item for all handgun permit holders! Permit holders have restrictions placed on them from carrying concealed weapons in many private and public buildings that include:

  • Legally posted establishments and (private) property
  • Federal property (ie: IRS, INS buildings)
  • Military offices
  • Post offices




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